$ENIOLA The Start of Something New...

hello peeps,

I… erm, don’t even know how to even, erm… right let’s start this again

breaths in

Before I go on… I want to quickly say thank you to everyone that contributed. Just last week I was unsure as to whether or not I will hit the funding goal, but to have raised 200% of my funding goal is crazy yet sobering! Nobody owed me money, no one was contractually obliged to back me, yet the funding goal was smashed and for that, I am grateful to everyone that participated.

The purpose of this article is to talk about the next steps and shed some more light on why I am doing this…

Baby Steps

If you haven’t done so already please follow me on either Twitter or Instagram. Yes, having some extra followers is cool, however, I will be making (public) announcements and providing updates on this experiment on those platforms.

So what’s next? Let’s have some fun 😊.

The first set of governance voting can be found on Snapshot, they range from choosing a communications infrastructure to more serious topics regarding $ENIOLA. I am also going to use these early days of the experiment to set some precedents, like governance rules (how long should a proposal be open? will we be using the simple majority rule?) etc. These will be set alongside all [insert number here] beautiful backers.

Spitballing My Raw Thoughts

I am going, to be honest with you guys. Ideally, my North Star would be able to work on and build my startup without touching any of the funds raised. Now some people reading this may be thinking why? I have access to 14 ETH +, why not use it to immediately support myself? Well here is my two-part answer…

Community Building

One thing that interests me most about the web3 space is the importance of building and fostering an engaging community. The best and biggest personalities, DAOs and startups all have a strong community centred around them. Logically, you’d believe that this will be the case for the few individuals who have launched public tokens to date. However, I have noticed that the value-exchange is cold and very transactional. This is not to crap on anyone’s projects or offerings, but with the exception of a very small number of individuals utility for personal tokens has been reduced to “buy x amount of [insert name here] to get a zoom call with me”. Now I know this sounds hypocritical when that exact example is one of my offerings loool. But, it’s exactly that, one of my offerings, not the be-all or end-all. I want to do things differently, or at least attempt to. My focus will be on trying to create meaningful value-exchange between myself → my backers and my backers → other backers. My offerings alone may be atypical to other personal tokens, however, this is not enough for me. I want the experience(s) during this tokenisation experiment to be atypical as well in a positive way, in a way that is community and value-driven. Although I can’t promise that this will be the case, I can promise that this is one of my true intentions.

As I write about my musings surrounding personal tokens and community building over the next three years, I want my successes and failures to serve as a blueprint for the slew of individuals that will tokenise themselves in the not-too-distant future.

Integrity Over Everything

Wouldn’t be awkward if I rugged and went to buy a floor price Doodles NFT?

As hinted before I want to use the funds raised as a safety net. To me, the purpose of a safety net would be to act as support when I have exhausted my means (within reason) to support myself on my entrepreneurial journey. It would be nice to buy a V1 Punk or Doodles NFT, however, making any expense that doesn't get me closer to my North Star would be disingenuous and deceitful. So I propose to spend the funds in this order of priority where relevant…

  • Providing Liquidity on Uniswap (which I have done already, at around 4 ETH)
  • Gaining membership to DAOs or fellowships.
  • Relocation costs (temporary or permanent relocation to a different city).
  • Personal expenses.

Again ideally, in a perfect scenario, I can return value to backers without dipping into the net.

Final Thoughts



Here’s some love

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