Inside the Lab #9: When life gives you lemons....

Hello, fam 👋🏾

If you remember last week Shorya and I experienced some bumps in the road. This week those bumps turned into mini-hills. Now, to protect the integrity of the peeps we work with I won’t say what these issues were, or who was responsible. But just know that they have been resolved. Next stop [redacted] 👀

It’s nearly time…

What happened this week? (Product, fundraising + more)

  • PR session held

  • Showcase deck finished

  • Pre-seed/seed fundraising strategy agreed w David

  • More founder <> VC intros made

  • Discord server cleaned up

  • Product gating mechanism weighed up and decided

What’s next?

  • Private beta testing

  • Waitlist launch

  • Private beta launch

  • First user onboarding calls

  • Investor deck updated

  • Schedule first calls with investors ahead of round

  • Formally open round

Shout-out to…

  • Shorya - he’s been with me in the trenches this week.

How can you help?

  • Intros to companies or talent who may be a good fit for our product.

  • The product isn’t ready yet but we would love it if you could sign up for our waitlist or subscribe to this to receive product updates.

How can I help you?

  • Happy to brainstorm ideas or have a coffee with founders that are interested in web3 either from a personal or business standpoint.

  • Can make intros to funds, founders, talent and senior stakeholders with a focus on web3 or diversity and inclusion.

Written with ❤️

E ✌🏾

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