Inside the Lab #15: Nexus

Hey fam 👋🏾

Whoop whoop! We are back to normal programming. There was a small setback last week which was annoying on a personal level. I had a timeline that I wanted to work towards (and had told people about), and not hitting those targets was frustrating. However, going back to the drawing board did allow me to refocus on the things needed to make our initial launch a success. The team have since been working towards our realigned goals. Exciting times ahead!

Right. Let’s jump in.

What happened this week?

  • Began refactoring MVP.

  • Agreed on product features for refactoring.

  • Onboarded new team member with focus on growth.

  • Launched Nexus by Prism Labs - our newsletter (subscribe)!

  • Spoke at London Tech Week.

  • Signed up more companies for our MVP launch.

  • Built our “sales” pipeline.

  • Date set for MVP launch.

  • Letters of Intent signed by companies in first cohort (revenue generating).

What’s next?

  • Grow waitlist size.

    • Companies

    • Users

  • Send out the first edition of our newsletter.

  • Continue working on community piece.

  • VC calls

    • Intros

    • Follow Ups

  • Continue talking to potential partners.

Shout-out to…

  • Andrei - he’s leaving 😢

How can you help?

  • Intros

    • Companies and Talent

    • Investors

  • The product isn’t ready yet but we would love it if you could sign up for our waitlist or subscribe to this to receive product updates.

How can I help you?

  • Happy to brainstorm ideas or have a coffee with founders that are interested in web3 either from a personal or business standpoint.

  • Can make intros to funds, founders, talent and senior stakeholders with a focus on web3 or diversity and inclusion.

Written with ❤️

E ✌🏾

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