Inside the Lab #10: Preparation

Hello, fam 👋🏾

This week I have been banging my head on the wall in frustration in part and celebrating small wins in other parts. If you thought this week was chaotic, I am sure that next week has a surprise for me. There are a number of significant events happening next week and we are anticipating many meetings, conversations and questions. We don’t know how different user groups and investors will react. Some may argue that the unknowns in building a startup is what makes building so exciting.

Amidst chaos, the rock is unmoved…

What happened this week? (Product, fundraising + more)

  • First wave of employers to post £1.1M of GCV (jobs) on Prism

  • Showcase and investor decks submitted

  • Agreed on product roadmap (Shorya) post initial release

  • More founder <> VC intros made

  • Notified parts of my network new re: new venture

  • Board meeting(ish) held

  • Prepared comms and servers in case of unexpected influx of traffic

What’s next?

  • Investor

    • Showcase

    • Meetings booked

    • Deck proliferated

    • Formally open round

  • Users

    • First wave use platform

    • Selective product walkthroughs

  • Clients

    • Job uploading

    • Having product walkthroughs

Shout-out to…

  • India - she has supported me like crazy this week

How can you help?

  • Intros to companies or talent who may be a good fit for our product.

  • The product isn’t ready yet but we would love it if you could sign up for our waitlist or subscribe to this to receive product updates.

How can I help you?

  • Happy to brainstorm ideas or have a coffee with founders that are interested in web3 either from a personal or business standpoint.

  • Can make intros to funds, founders, talent and senior stakeholders with a focus on web3 or diversity and inclusion.

Written with ❤️

E ✌🏾

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