Inside the Lab #17: Miss Me?

“So are you just going to pretend like you didn’t go missing for a couple of months?!”…


But in all seriousness… the reason why I paused updates was because I believed the quality of the updates was on the decline. Timelines kept shifting, unexpected bumps in the road and other externalities meant that some weeks I would rush these updates. Making blanket, non-specific statements about what I got up to during the week just to make sure I delivered something on time. This didn’t provide any insight into what was actually happening and little value to the individuals that read these updates. Maybe now that I am no longer an EIR @ FF weekly updates may not be as interesting, perhaps a shift to something fortnightly or monthly?

Anyways enough of the hypothetical… this is a no nonsense version of what we’ve been up to…

  1. We have onboarded a few companies some of which have already posted roles on Prism. The GCV of roles post has surpassed £1.5M 🚀

  2. Organisations are now able to post their roles and talent apply at

  3. Joined the NEAR Foundation’s Founder Fellowship 🕺🏾

  4. Officially wrapped up my time in the Factory (they will never be able to get rid of me though 🤭).

  5. Prepping our data room for a winter fundraising window 🤑

  6. Gave my time to support student and founder initiatives across the Founders Forum Group.

  7. Signed a vendor agreement with a Layer 1 Blockchain (our first customer) 📈

  8. Made continuous updates to our product 🤓

What is happening next?

  1. Fundraising. Fundraising. Fundraising.

How can you help?

  • Intros - Organisations, talent and investors 🤗

  • Use our product and tell me what you think! 📣

How can I help you?

  • Happy to brainstorm ideas or have a coffee with founders that are interested in web3 either from a personal or business standpoint.

  • Can make intros to funds, founders, talent and senior stakeholders with a focus on web3 or diversity and inclusion.

Written with ❤️

E ✌🏾

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